The State and the Commonwealth


Sir, – Jeremiah P Walsh (May 14th) repeats the hoary old chestnut that Irish membership of the Commonwealth would be a self-confident choice by a “mature independent people and nation”.

As I recall we declared ourselves to be a Republic in 1948. Is that not a worthy statement of a mature, independent people and nation? – Yours, etc,


Conquer HillRoad,

Clontarf, Dublin 3.

Sir, – I feel it is time that the United States should consider joining the Commonwealth. This would surely be seen as a self-confident choice. – Yours, etc,


Knockchree Road,


Co Down.

A chara, – The Commonwealth’s secretariat is based in Britain and its head is the British monarch. There is no provision for rotation of the position or, God forbid, elections for the job. It doesn’t say much for an international organisation that it would lose its entire raison d’être if one member, Britain, left. As a proud, independent and mature post-colonial society, we should keep well away from this neo-colonial relic. – Is mise,


Thormanby Road,


Co Dublin.