The Oblates and redress scheme


A chara, – It is with great gratitude to the Oblates that I commend them for their efforts to bring some balance to the totally lopsided and biased coverage given to the religious congregations in the media over the delicate and sensitive topics of alleged or real abuse and redress. Inestimable damage has been done to the integrity of thousands of brothers, sisters and priests buried in our cemeteries – not only in Ireland, but also throughout the world, and the many thousands who are still active in their chosen ministries both at home and abroad, or who are living out their final years in nursing homes scattered throughout the world. Clearly, a concerted effort has been made by a secularist media with a nihilistic agenda to consign the contribution of the congregations to the dustbins of posterity. A crude Joycean quote comes to mind and may be apt at this particular time: “Ireland is the old sow that eats her farrow.” Perhaps, as we approach the Church’s Holy Week when our Lord himself was crucified, we, his followers shouldn’t expect to be treated otherwise. With hope we await the Resurrection. – Is mise,



Dublin 10.