The live-to-work culture


Sir, – The live-to-work culture in this country has become a religion with some people, to the point where scorn and ridicule are thrown at anybody who is not part of what one might call a new national church.

It is getting to the stage where even some level of disdain is directed at those who retire, and who are apparently expected to work until they drop, such is the live-to work culture in this country.

Indeed, many don’t want to retire, such is their obsession with work and their own greed. There is hardly a place where people switch off.

Gym locker rooms are dominated by mobs of people belting on about their day of work. Even dating is dominated by work.

Many are now describing dates as job interviews and not enjoyable outings, such is the obsession with work and status.

There is now a very significant social stigma attached to those who are not in work for whatever reason.

One recalls poorer times, which were far richer in spirit and culture than the hollow materialistic times we now live in, with all its aches and pains.

People need to live their lives and give up the sworn devotion to work based on a work-guilt conformity complex, engendered and developed by people who want more and more, and who ironically sometimes look back with regret at having given up so much for so little to a cult. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.