The hand of history


A chara, – In Fintan O’Toole’s article on the current trial run of fascism in the US he feels that “if this stuff is not familiar to anyone with the slightest knowledge of mid-20th century history, it damn well ought to be” (Weekend Review, April 13th). In the same issue Breda O’Brien reports on the proposed downgrading of history teaching in the junior cert curriculum.

Forgetting the lessons of recent history have undoubtedly fed into the Brexit referendum vote and support of Donald Trump’s policies. Teaching of Irish, European and world history is more important than ever to ensure future generations make informed decisions about issues such as EU developments and British/Irish relations.

Of course history teaching needs to be reimagined and re-engerised, but it needs to retain core curriculum status. All Irish children need to be provided with a working knowledge of history. Historical ignorance is fertile ground for prejudice and extremism. – Is mise,