The crisis in Gaza

Sir, – Heather Abrahamson claims (August 9th) that the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn "has refused to host a Jewish film festival". This is not an accurate account of the situation. The Tricycle requested that the festival refrain from accepting funds from the Israeli embassy because it did not wish to be associated with either side in the current conflict. It offered to make up the funds, so that the festival could go ahead. The festival refused.

In this situation, would it not be more accurate for Ms Abrahamson to summarise what has occurred as the JFF refusing to disassociate itself from the Israeli state, and hence its actions in Gaza, in order for the film festival to go ahead? – Yours, etc,


Professor of Film Studies,

Queen’s University,

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A chara, – John Kelly’s assertion (August 9th) that Israel is in control of Gaza doesn’t square with reality. How can anyone claim that Israel is “in control of” a territory which has fired thousands of missiles at it in the last few weeks. Nor is it in occupation of the area – a fact conceded by senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar. Gaza is bordered to the south by Egypt, which is free to allow in anything it wants. In reality, far fewer foodstuffs get in via Egypt as a result of that country’s far tighter blockade on the territory. The vast bulk of goods, water and power supplies come from Israel; this was the case even during the recent crisis when 300,000 Israelis were being displaced by rocket attacks from Gaza. – Yours, etc,



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