The ‘charity industry’


Sir, – At this time of year, recycling bins are filling up with bulky letters from charities requesting support.

This is also at considerable cost to the charities.

Is it possible that better cooperation between them, particularly the ones helping the same causes, could eliminate some of this waste of paper, money and effort?

A joint effort, with pooled resources, it seems to me, would achieve a better outcome for the cause, slow down this growth in the “charity industry” and ensure that more of our donations reach the people we want to help. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 3.

Sir, – As we approach Christmas, the many voluntary charities in this country up their efforts to tug at our wallets in an unjustified assault on our collective guilt at the plight of many of our disadvantaged citizens.

In doing so they neglect to highlight the lack of a coordinated plan in Government using our tax returns to solve the various issues.

Every time I am approached on the streets by charity representatives I can’t help but think this is another stealth tax by default.

If the Government said to me it would increase taxation by 2 per cent, or so, and would use the proceeds to fund the provision of services to the disadvantaged through an engaged and professional relationship with the many charities that operate, and as long as those funds were ring-fenced, I would be very happy.

Today with no co-ordination and no plan, nobody wins, least of all the disadvantaged. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.