Taxi shortage in Dublin


Sir, - My wife and I agree fully with Brian McCarthy (September 20th) about the dearth of taxis in Dublin. We spent a frustrating time on a wet Saturday afternoon recently in search of a taxi in the College Green area.

Enquiries from courteous citizens elicited the response that any available cabs were already hired by local hotels, but "there might be some over by D'Olier Street". There weren't! My wife was in a near state of collapse by the time we eventually tracked down a No. 8 bus on the quays.

Flora Mitchell, in her excellent book Vanishing Dublin (Allen Figgis & Co., 1966), recorded that "the chief sedan chair stand [in Dublin] was situated near the corner [of Christchurch Place]." That was in the 18th century. Do you think there might be an opening for some enterprising folk to re-introduce this mode of transport to Dublin? - Yours etc.,

Robin Agnew, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England.