Madam - Lorna Kelly (Letters, July 23rd) outlines the challenges facing the newly established Dublin Bay Task Force, in particular environmental and marine issues, and she correctly highlights the need for the task force to be informed by a wide range of experts, both local and national.

As chair of the task force I can assure Ms Kelly that my main priority is the protection of Dublin Bay's environment and wildlife habitats.

I especially welcome the inclusion of Dublin Bay Watch and Coastwatch Ireland as full members of the task force, as their extensive knowledge of the bay's marine environment will contribute greatly to the work of this new body.

The Dublin Bay Task Force held its first meeting in Dún Laoghaire on July 16th and from September onwards we will commence intensive and structured consultation with all interested groups.

Minister for the Environment John Gormley has asked the task force to prepare a draft master plan for Dublin Bay, to look at the future of Dublin Port and Dún Laoghaire Port and to examine how climate change and other economic activities will affect Dublin.

We will also make proposals for the extension and revision of existing amenity areas and wildlife conservation areas, including the redesignation of the Dublin Bay Special Protection Area.

As a councillor in Clontarf overlooking Dublin Bay, and a representative who has long campaigned for its protection, I realise we have a large body of work to achieve and I look forward to working with all the groups and individuals who share with me a desire to see this special place protected and enhanced for future generations.

Information on the ongoing work of the task force will be available on the Dublin Regional Authority website. - Yours, etc,

Cllr BRONWEN MAHER, Chair, Dublin Bay Task Force, Dublin Regional Authority, Main Street, Swords, Co Dublin.