Tackling the housing shortage


Sir, – Paul Kean’s concise dismissal of the special pleading of the landlord class is long overdue. Ireland’s rental supply has long been less than was required and marked by low quality, small-time landlords and a distinct lack of professionalism. As the bubble has deflated many are left exposed by excessive borrowing, for both personal and buy-to-let property, and the consequences must be dealt with transparently.

Instead however, we have back-room deals facilitated by unaccountable organisations such as the presumptuously titled Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation [IMHO]. No journalist has seriously analysed the motives of this organisation and its personnel. Do the founders stand to benefit from debt forgiveness? Already the CEO has sought to parlay his high profile into a Dail seat, backed by a bizarrely eclectic mix of high-profile supporters. Why does this organisation get so much free air time and press space? Those getting on with paying down our debts deserve to know – particularly when many of us made conscious decisions to take smaller mortgages and live in less fashionable areas so that we could cope with unforeseen economic setbacks. Yours, etc,


Griffeen Glen Ave,


Co Dublin