State’s role in tackling climate change


Sir, – Michael McDowell (Opinion, June 30th) seems to be under the impression that the Government’s programme for tackling climate change is designed to make us look good and is therefore optional.

What he completely fails to address is the reason why we’re playing catch-up, which is that successive governments (some of which he was a part of) have been doing precisely the opposite of climate action.

It’s very easy to find flaws in individual provisions, but it would be helpful at this point if influential people used their platforms to propose solutions to climate change.

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Sir, – Yesterday’s opinion piece “Does State need to lead fight against climate change?” is insightful but probably not for the reasons the author, Michael McDowell, intended.

It is insightful because it perfectly illustrates the prevailing mindset of a generation who will be least impacted by climate change. It is insightful because it shows that even as temperatures reach national highs around the world this week, that still for some there is a question as to whether we should increase our Irish cattle herds.

One can only hope that the emerging generation who will suffer significant consequences of climate change rapidly mobilise and enter the political arena so that science can be listened to; genuine systematic change implemented, and pragmatic questions be asked.

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Co Sligo.