Snow, ice and fractured hips


Sir, – As a consultant physician in the bone health and osteoporosis treatment unit in the Mercers Institute in St James’s Hospital, Dublin, I appeal to everyone, especially those with osteoporosis, osteopaenia or a history of fragility fractures, to be extra careful over the next week. Snow when impacted becomes ice and there will be a high incidence of broken bones over the upcoming cold spell.

The most dangerous fracture is a hip fracture and sadly up to 30 per cent of patients who suffer a hip fracture die within a year, 30 per cent are left with a disability and only 30 per cent can live at home.

If you have osteopaenia or osteoporosis please, if possible, stay indoors until the ice is fully thawed. – Yours, etc,


Bone Health

and Osteoporosis

Treatment Unit,

Mercers Institute,

St James’s Hospital,

Dublin 8.