Measles and vaccination


Sir, – Further to Dr Muiris Heuston’s article on measles (“Measles back with a vengeance due to fake health news”, Opinion & Analysis, February 22nd), in the year 2000, a major outbreak of measles occurred in north Dublin. A total of 355 children attended Temple Street Children’s University Hospital with proven measles, 111 children were admitted to hospital, 13 required intensive care , and three sadly died. An avoidable tragedy. Measles remains the most dangerous infectious disease in western countries: one in 10 suffers a complication, one in 100 is admitted to hospital, and one in 1,000 suffers encephalitis, and one in 1,000 may die from measles. MMR is safe and effective. Vaccination, not vacillation, is imperative. – Yours, etc,


(Retired professor

of paediatrics),

Dún Laoghaire,

Co Dublin.