Should there be a pandemic bonus?


A chara, – During Covid, workers in all sectors, with and without jobs, old and young put their backs to the wheel in what was a battle that drew us together and brought out the best in all of us.

The idea that any particular group should be rewarded for their particularly distinguished efforts during Covid is offensive to many, including some of those who it is suggested should be specially rewarded.

The proposal is socially destructive and undermines the healthy sense of a united effort and a battle won by all. To get through it together is reward enough.

– Yours, etc,


Terenure, D6W.

Sir, – The notion that a possible extra two weeks paid leave is being proposed for healthcare staff is wrong. Taking these people out of an already under-staffed health system does not make sense.

If compensation is to be paid, give it as a one-off tax-paid lump sum. – Yours, etc,


Redgate, Limerick.