Mica and 100% redress


Sir, – Why is the Taoiseach not ruling out full redress in mica cases? Surely the Government should only compensate those affected for the money already expended in their homes. Let the true owners, the mortgage providers, pick up the rest of the bill.

The Government should then ensure that those affected are offered new mortgages on original terms by the banks and that their credit ratings are not impacted.

The Government should also offer licences to the German community banks who in the past offered to provide cheaper mortgages than the existing ones. – Yours, etc,




Sir, – I have been following the mica redress campaign with interest and I am no clearer today on what 100 per cent redress means.

Would it be possible for somebody in the campaign to itemise the redress being sought, or is the campaign looking for an open chequebook from the Government to fulfil their dreams rather than their needs?

– Yours, etc,



Dublin 15.