Shedding light on winter solstice


Sir, – It happens occasionally, albeit rarely: one feature article is worth the price of the daily newspaper; thus it was with Eoin Burke-Kennedy’s “Shedding light on winter solstice at Newgrange” (Science, December 19th). It was informative, beautifully written, and made me want to learn more. Thank you. – Yours, etc,



Kinsale, Co Cork.

Sir, – On December 21st, precisely at dawn, the sun peeps over the Co Meath horizon through a tiny gap in the branches outside our kitchen window, creeps across the breakfast table, and for several magical moments fully illuminates the interior of our Bosch microwave oven. How were supposedly primitive Stone Age people able to figure out this kind of stuff? – Yours, etc,


Coast Road,

Bettystown, Co Meath.