Sharing the road


Sir, – May I express sympathy and admiration for Clare Hartwieg (“Give cyclists space”, Letters, July 28th) for her common sense regarding cyclists and motorists.

However, I have reservations when it comes to recreational cycling on narrow country roads where the motorist is often obliged to break the law and cross the continuous white line in order to overtake, either this or wait behind groups of weekend cyclists for miles, for example going over the Conor Pass in Kerry.

I’m sure we would all agree that the purpose of roads is to enable people to go from place to place on necessary business, be that economic, social or cultural, and not for recreation.

In an ideal world we should all be doing these journeys on bicycles and not in cars but failing that I cannot see how recreational cycling and motoring can safely co-exist on country roads. – Yours, etc,



Co Kerry.