Sale of alcohol on Good Friday


Sir, – Bishop Éamonn Walsh (July 5th), referring to the passion and death of Jesus Christ, points out that part of the way in which Catholics are asked to “share in that sacrifice” on Good Friday is through fast and abstinence.

One has to wonder how big a sacrifice is it to abstain from something which is not available? – Yours, etc,


Grangebrook Close,


Dublin 16.

Sir, – Bishop Éamonn Walsh hits the nail on the head when he says that Christians can make up their own minds when it comes to alcohol and Good Friday (July 5th).

Surely those who wish to mark this important day in the Christian calendar can refrain from alcohol themselves without needing to impose a law banning it for both themselves and everyone else? – Yours, etc,


Coolgariff Road,


Dublin 9.