‘Rules of the Road’


Sir, – I can help Barry Lyons (December 11th) find the section of the Rules of the Road that allows drivers execute any manoeuvre using hazard warning lights.

It’s just under the section that allows any driver to drive on the hard shoulder on the N7 providing his left indicator is on. – Yours, etc,



Co Kildare.

Sir, – It is probably as well that outsiders who wish to drive in Cork are familiar with some of the rules that apply here.

Red lights in many countries are an indication that you should stop. In Cork it is a signal for you and the car behind you to accelerate across the junction.

Yellow lights are just there so that the green one doesn’t feel lonely and self-conscious and so can safely be ignored.

Cycle-lanes are spaces generously provided by the city council in which to park your car and with the additional advantage that you do not have to pay.

Yellow boxes are there simply to make junctions attractive to passengers in aircraft and can safely be driven into and parked on.

Lanes are things between houses, and the use of those on the road is optional.

Indicators are unnecessary for driving in Cork. It is a small place, and sure everyone knows where you are going.

The car horn is very useful in Cork. You can get your friends’ attention by blowing it at them, you can indicate your displeasure with people who stop at red lights and you can terrorise cyclists with it. – Yours, etc,