Ring Road For Sligo


Sir, - Shame on the Minister of the Environment for approving a concrete bowling alley through the heart of Sligo town. We need a ring road to deal with increased traffic, not a 1970s solution of slash and burn.

The majority of the members of Sligo Corporation favour a ring road and are implacably against the N4 going through the centre of Sligo. The Minister's decision is anti-democratic and not open to scrutiny. The plan is funded by the National Roads Authority and not by the EU - no European department would support this monstrosity.

Sadly it is a feature of our times - the victory of greed over need. Darker forces are being rewarded and the Minister has pandered to the vested interests of developers and shop-owners. The inhabitants of Sligo are more than consumers and citizens have a duty to speak out. The cause is a right one and it is unchanged. Build a ring-road now. - Yours, etc.,

Michael J. Leyden, Ard-na-Veigh, Sligo.