Regulating language schools


Sir, – Francis Oliver Neary (Letters, January 20th) is correct when he writes that the proposed International Education Mark will provide quality assurance for international students.

Unfortunately, despite the relevant legislation passing in the summer, it seems like it will be some time before the mark is fully implemented. This is in spite of international students being an essential element of Ireland’s education policy and in the face of growing competition across the world. Unfortunately, it seems, international students are not at the top of the political agenda.

One other aspect of the legislation, however, which could be introduced almost immediately is the proposed national “Learner Protection Fund”. This fund would ensure that if any programme suddenly ceased, across all educational institutions, students could complete their education.

Through our advocacy work, the Irish Council for International Students has seen first hand the distress of students affected by closures of schools and the protection fund would provide security and reassurance to that often very vulnerable group and ensure that Ireland’s reputation on the international stage is enhanced. – Yours, etc,


Executive Director,

Irish Council

for International Students,

Dublin 4.