Prayer and the Dáil

Sir, – To describe prayer in the Dáil as "anachronistic" is an indication of the depths to which we as a Christian country have descended ("Prayer in Dáil 'anachronistic' in secular society, says TD", April 6th). Is it that we are ashamed of our calling? Can it be that we fear offending those of other religions or none? Perhaps we fear causing embarrassment to tourists who might come from countries where Christians are persecuted.

Is it too much to expect of people who call themselves Christians that they stand up for their spiritual beliefs?

As we have recently demonstrated, we are very good at remembering war and violence. Let us remember our Christian values.

To open each Dáil sitting with prayer and pray for peace and guidance is appropriate, contrary to the opinion of Paul Murphy TD. – Yours, etc,




Co Cavan.