Practice of religion in Iran


Sir, – The letter entitled “religious persecution in Iran” (July 17th) contained absurd allegations of people having been arrested solely because of their religious beliefs.

Since the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all of the main religious communities have not only been able to freely practise their religion, but they have also been represented in the national parliament. There is no state-sponsored religious discrimination or segregation in Iran and there are several hundred churches, synagogues and temples where religious minorities practise their religion.

Covid-19 has posed a deadly challenge to humanity at large with no discrimination. It does not recognise any religion, nationality, ethnicity, or other affiliations. The noble people of Iran are already struggling with the challenges posed by the pandemic and the inhumane maximum pressure of Donald Trump’s devastating economic sanctions. They are sick and tired of political stereotyping.

Regretfully, while the voices of hatred find an echo in the media, what seems to be as ruthless as the virus is the political blame game. It only seeks to distort and smear the reputation of one of the most ancient nations on earth which has embraced religious diversity for millennia and continues to do so.

Under the current circumstances of immense global anxiety, what we all need is to let the voices of truth reverberate and words of sympathy resonate worldwide. – Yours, etc,



Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran,


Co Dublin.