Lack of day services


Sir, – I was one of the parents standing at the Convention Centre last Wednesday protesting at the lack of day services for adults with intellectual disabilities.

We were there because, once again, our adult children are being denied their human rights. We, as their parents, have cared for our adult children without a break, without any recognition or support of any sort for the past five months.

I optimistically thought that the many TDs who came out to speak to us listened and were maybe, just maybe, going to help us in our desperation to raise our plight in the Dáil.

But no – we were treated to the spectacle of TDs calling for a recalling of the Dáil to defend the rights of people going on holidays.

Carers can never go on holidays or never take a break. I am so angry that this issue has taken up so much Dáil time. Depressingly, it appears that what happened on Wednesday had no impact. – Yours, etc,


Fairview Dublin 3.