Pope Francis and Ireland


Sir, – Patrick Treacy (January 3rd) sees the papal choice of Dublin for the World Meeting of Families in 2018 as “a very significant response to the recent rejection of the natural meaning of marriage in our society”. Of course no such rejection has taken place, and there is nothing to stop those who voted Yes in the referendum from joining Pope Francis in celebrating both the unitive and the procreative values of marriage.

Praising the pope’s visit to the United States, Mr Treacy promises that “he will speak this truth with respect and compassion”. But the pope did not criticise gay marriage legislation when in the US.

If indeed the choice of Dublin for the event is connected with the new legislation, I suggest that the organisers should ensure participation of same-sex couples and families with gay sons and daughters. Otherwise they will preside over a parade of hollow ideology from which no one will learn anything. – Yours, etc,


Nanzan Institute

for Religion and Culture,

Nanzan University,

Nagoya, Japan.