Pitch no place for debate


Sir, – I am surprised that Darran O’Sullivan wants referees to communicate with players about their decisions (“O’Sullivan still fuming over black card against Mayo”, September 22nd).

There is no place for engaging in debate on a playing pitch. If players are allowed to question a referee’s decision, it can only have one purpose – to persuade the referee to change his mind.

Debate would continue endlessly and would spin out of control in the charged-up atmosphere of a big match.

Referees have a difficult job and their decisions will never keep both teams happy all the time.

There is a formal process within the GAA to which the managers of aggrieved players can bring a complaint, but for a player or manager to question the refereeing process with criticisms in the media is not the way forward, and simply adds to the overall impression of unruliness that stems from sport nowadays. – Yours, etc,



Co Wexford.