Pamplona bull run


Sir, – The goring of people who took part in this year’s bull run in Pamploma in Spain is yet another reminder of the horrendous cruelty that is inflicted on animals in the name of tradition.

In addition to putting human lives at risk, this annual event causes immense trauma and suffering to the animals involved and culminates in their torture and killing for human amusement.

This is the same vile “sport” that is subsidised via EU grants to the breeders of fighting bulls. Last year, a European Parliament motion calling for an end to the grants failed narrowly.

This year, hopefully, the funding will cease. It would help too if travel agents would end all promotion of the practice. Bull fighting and the Pamplona bull run are relics of the Dark Ages, shameful and ugly stains on European so-called civilisation.

– Yours, etc,



Co Kilkenny.