Media coverage of funeral


Sir, – The man whose funeral you gave such extensive coverage to was not a person who merited such attention. He was a known drug criminal.

Some of the horrific consequences of the actions of these criminals were detailed in the publication of research into dealers’ intimidation of families, conducted by the City-Wide Drugs Crisis Campaign and so comprehensively reported on in The Irish Times (“Campaigner calls for mini-Cab to target drug dealers”, February 17th).

I would hate to see a creeping glamorisation of thugs whose lavish lifestyles (and funerals) are paid for by the ruined lives of individuals and communities throughout Ireland.

There are more worthy people whose passing might merit such coverage. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 3.

A chara, – On the one hand, we rightly condemn violent crime and gang warfare, and yet we apparently can’t get enough of violent, gang-based “gritty drama” on TV. Which legitimises which? – Yours, etc,