McDowell and calls for change


Sir, – Michael McDowell returns with indecent haste to attack Sinn Féin (“Sinn Féin must focus on Dublin and ditch sway of unelected officials”, Opinion & Analysis, February 5th).

If there wasn’t an election in the offing, one would be rightly concerned that Mr McDowell might be developing a fixation. That aside, Mr McDowell’s suggestion that the “public humour” for change is due to it being “late January” is just plain offensive.

The crisis in housing and health is causing anger and heartbreak in equal measure, and anyone who is surprised that the electorate is looking beyond the establishment parties for a remedy is as detached and remote as they are.

Mr McDowell, of all people, should know that in extreme circumstances actions that might have been previously rejected prove to be the best choice. – Yours, etc,