Postboxes and stamps


Sir, – We very much appreciate the interest in Irish stamps and postboxes expressed in recent letters (January 30th, February 4th).

Stamps may be purchased in 950 post offices six days a week: at more than 1,500 shops with a PostPoint sign and any time at, with free delivery. Any retail outlet can sell stamps, and more outlets are choosing to offer them to their customers.

To make posting easier for everyone, we also produce handy stamp booklets throughout the year, perfect for the wallet or handbag. Indeed our sparkling 2020 Love Stamp booklet is now on sale at just €8 for 10 stamps, a €2 discount until February 14th.

Unfortunately postboxes endure constant weathering and vandalism. Our annual spring programme of postbox painting and maintenance will get underway across the country next month. Far from being “relics of a bygone age”, Irish postboxes will be spruced up and ready for action as willing conveyors of powerful communications. – Yours, etc,


Marketing Director,

An Post Mails & Parcels,


Dublin 1.