Leaving Cert English syllabus

Sir, – It is good to see a correspondent commenting on the content and suitability of the Leaving Certificate English reading material (July 27th). Perhaps a thorough read of the "objectionable" novels would give the students a better understanding of the laughably titled "reality" television programmes that they have been addicted to over the summer months. – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.


Sir, – May I be permitted to reply to the two letters (July 29th) that are in response to my own (July 27th)?

This topic would not have come up unless parents felt that some books are unsuitable for young and impressionable minds.

The complaints that were made public only goes to show the level of disquiet around this subject ("Over 40 complaints made about 'unsuitable' books on English curriculum", News, July 26th).

Parents know their own children and are understandably concerned with certain content. Teachers want to “engage and inspire”, as is their place in a young person’s life. You cannot just ignore parents’ worries though – there has to be a happy medium. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.