Cummings and the media limelight


Sir, – Finn McRedmond writes about the people who obsess about Dominic Cummings from all sides of the political spectrum (“Dominic Cummings will hold on to the limelight at any cost”, Opinion & Analysis, July 29th). We should just consign the egotistical and narcissistic Mr Cummings to the history books and desist from giving him the media oxygen he craves, even if this provides some narrow political advantage to others. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 3.

Sir, – The last line of Finn McRedmond’s article says it all: “Perhaps Cummings’s ongoing relevance tells us more about ourselves than it does about him.”

What it does tell us is that if the media talks about something or someone enough, these matters or people are getting the undeserved publicity that is craved. A cynic might call it lazy journalism, but it worked for Boris Johnson, and landed him the top job. Worthier subjects and role models are regularly neglected while the usual bandwagons fill up. Good news stories, charities doing good work, for example, barely get a mention. Could we have a few different stories? – Yours, etc,


Dublin 3.