Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit gambit

Sir, – Jeremy Corbyn is once again, predictably, the voice of good sense, moderation and sanity in the UK’s apparently interminable Brexit saga (“Corbyn vows to put ‘sensible’ Brexit deal to a referendum”, World News, September 18th).

The Tories and Liberal Democrats have staked out two extreme and polar opposite positions. Boris Johnson would happily take a no-deal crash out and damn the social and economic consequences. Jo Swinson has pledged to revoke Article 50, without even a people’s vote, and totally ignore the popular will as expressed in the 2016 referendum.

By contrast, Mr Corbyn has committed to quickly negotiating a “sensible” new Brexit deal “including a new customs union with the EU; a close single market relationship; and guarantees of workers’ rights and environmental protections”. He would then put the fresh agreement “to a public vote against remain”.

The Labour leader has constantly been a thoughtful and conscientious “actor” rather than “reactor” in the extended Brexit crisis.


The more rash, reactionary Mr Johnson and Ms Swinson could both learn a lot from Mr Corbyn’s cautious, wise example. – Yours, etc,


Arbour Hill,

Dublin 7.