Is it impossible to stop ATM thefts?


Sir, – It is beyond belief that criminal gangs can rob 16 ATMs on this island with impunity this year (Tim O’Brien, Home News, April 19th).

The competency of the police services on both sides of the Border, and indeed the security provisions of the banks themselves must be seriously questioned.

These robberies follow a particular pattern and usually take place in the early hours of the morning. Can it really be that difficult to prevent these raids, never mind apprehending the culprits?

At the very least, the banks collectively could employ private security to monitor the ATM locations. The cost of this would pale in comparison to the amounts stolen and the cost of property damage done. The cost to this island of the raids may be even more tragic if speculation that the stolen funds are being collected to finance terrorist activity prove to be true.

It’s bad enough to see armed police patrols in our nation’s capital, in their vain effort to contain a murderous feud that’s raging unchecked between rival factions.

The ATM raids do nothing to dispel the sickening feeling that we live in a corrupt and lawless society, where the gun rules, and the State’s security agencies are powerless to protect the citizens. Welcome to the wild west of Europe. – Yours, etc,


Bray, Co Wicklow.

Sir, – Has the time not come for the Garda to require all banks that do not have dye to destroy the cash in ATMs when they are attacked to empty them of cash at night or to have 24-hour security guards on site?

Criminal gangs are being financed by easy-to-steal money and banks that do not take the necessary steps to stop this should be charged as accessories before the fact in these robberies and bank directors arrested. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.

Sir, – Regarding the seemingly endless spate of ATM robberies with the aid of mechanical diggers, at this rate, the banks will seriously have to consider changing the initialism ATM to JCB. – Yours, etc,

PAUL DELANEY, Dalkey, Co Dublin.