Ireland’s hockey players can hold heads high

Sir, – The first Irish field team ever to reach a World Cup final (“Ireland run out of track but not out of ambition”, Johnny Watterson, August 6th). That’s women for you! – Yours, etc,


Terenure Dublin 6W.

Sir, – Isn’t it wonderfully refreshing to see a losing team running around smiling, laughing and embracing family and friends instead of lying on the ground crying and claiming to be “devastated”? – Yours, etc,



Dungarvan Co Waterford.

Sir, – The real Irish unity comes in the form of the fan who held up a placard at the World Cup on Sunday in London, which read: “Hockey ár lá”.Take note, Mary Lou McDonald. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.

A chara, – Hockeyed. – Is mise,



Sir, – Congratulations to the women’s hockey team on reaching the World Cup final. What a shame they could not observe the official Irish national anthem. – Yours, etc,



Sir, – There is a lot a little island nation cannot afford. We have to go to Europe for funding support for many largescale projects.

However, sending a team to represent us at a World Cup is happily something we can do. That we still go to the team members in some sports for a “dig out” is a sad indictment of our strategy for providing and disbursing sports’ funding. Those in charge need to seriously up their game.

Congratulations to our hockey team and coaches on an extraordinary achievement. Outgunned in the final, but silver medal winners and the first Irish team in a field sport to get so far. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.

Sir, – Is hockey the new camogie? – Yours, etc,


Dalkey, Co Dublin.

Sir, – Might I suggest that Deirdre O’Daly Judge (Letters, August 4th) attend Leinster RFC rugby training on a bank holiday Monday to remind her of how much our rugby players contribute to our hard-earned number two position in world rugby?

Congratulations to the Irish team on a fantastic performance. – Yours, etc,


Balbriggan, Co Dublin.

Sir, – What contrasting images in the first three pages of Friday's edition of The Irish Times.

Our women’s hockey team ecstatically celebrating their victory in the World Cup; Vicky Phelan’s steely glaze, staring down the Government and keeping it in check, and Best Dressed Ladies at the Galway Races. What wonderful role models for our young girls on the first two pages! – Yours, etc,



Dublin 3.

A chara, – I was in raptures on Saturday watching the Irish hockey team overcome the Spanish on penalties, a feat that atoned (somewhat!) for the defeat suffered by the Republic’s soccer team in South Korea against the same country over 16 years ago.

Although a drubbing at the hands of the Dutch on Sunday was to be expected, the peculiarities of that contest will not have been lost on the viewer. The well-worn jibe that hockey is little more than “Protestant hurling” was made all the more apt given the opposition’s orange strip.

A valuable, but fleeting, window of opportunity looms to raise hockey’s profile nationwide. A priority must be to introduce the sport to schools outside its traditional habitats of southeast Dublin and northeast Ulster. Only by creating a more embracing image can this marvellous achievement by Hockey Ireland and the national team engender a legacy, and give us hope that the Green jerseys will be lifting the title in the not-too-distant future! – Is mise,


Cluain Dolcáin,

Baile Átha Cliath 22.

Sir, – The Irish hockey players can hold their heads up high in finishing runners up in the World Cup final.

They are fine ambassadors for the country and are assured the status of giants on the global stage.

Future generations can look back with pride at the overall performance of these girls. Hats off to them. – Yours, etc,


Liverpool, England.

Sir, – I have enjoyed looking after my grandchildren over the past 10 years. Could I suggest that instead of paying grandparents for providing this service the Government would instead give the money to Irish hockey? – Yours, etc,


Rathmichael, Dublin 18.

Sir, – Have we ever heard a better rendition of Ireland's Call from the wonderful group of Ireland's ladies' hockey?

The joy and pride etched in their smiling faces was a moment to cherish! The result of the match was irrelevant – they won the hearts of a very proud nation. – Yours, etc,


Sutton, Dublin 13.

Sir, – As Marty Morrissey might say, there won’t be an avocado sliced in South Dublin for a week! – Yours, etc,


Clarinbridge, Co Galway.