In defence of Anglican unity and Gafcon


Sir, – I was surprised to read that some clergy believe that Bishops Miller and Glenfield have broken their consecration vows by attending Gafcon III (Home News, June 25th).

If the Dean of Waterford is concerned about unity, then surely their attendance at the largest global Anglican gathering in more than 50 years, along with nearly 2,000 people from over 50 countries, representing over 70 per cent of the Anglican Communion, with the aim of Proclaiming Christ Faithfully to the Nations, should be applauded?

The Church of Ireland is part of the Anglican Communion and as such, all bishops vow to maintain unity, to guard “the faith” and “discipline of the church”, based on “God’s word written” (Article 20).

It is significant that at the recent General Synod of the Church of Ireland the House of Bishops affirmed the historic and traditional teaching on human sexuality, a position also held by Gafcon. There was no “tactical use of homophobic and misogynistic rallying calls” at the conference in Jerusalem, as those who have watched the livestream and read the conference statement will attest.

Far from being “an absolute disgrace” and “schismatic”, Bishops Miller and Glenfield are examples of maintaining “the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace”. We thank God for their commitment to authentic Anglicanism within our denomination. – Yours, etc.



Gafcon Ireland, Belfast.