High stakes in Iraq strategy


Madam, - The Irish Times editorial (December 14th) alleges that the resistance to the US occupation of Iraq is a combination of Saddam Hussein loyalists and al-Qaeda fundamentalists. This is typical of the mainstream Irish media, virtually all of which support this illegal war and the use of Shannon airport by US troops.

Luckily, there are other sources of information such as www.aljazeera.net, the website of the TV station banned by the US puppet regime in Iraq.

Today (December 14th) aljazeera.net reported that Al-Sadr, an important Shia leader, wanted a confirmed date for the withdrawal of the US army of occupation before he would take part in the election.

The reality is there are Iraqi people who support the conquest and occupation of their country by the American Empire and there are Iraqi people who resist the occupation. Efforts to divide the Iraqi people into Shia/Sunni etc. to consolidate their occupation by the US Empire is nothing new. The British Empire sought to divide Irish people on sectarian grounds for generations with more than a little success and the Irish Government and media that make such a song and dance about supporting the peace process in Ireland are actively supporting a war process in Iraq.

The Peace and Neutrality Alliance once more calls for the immediate termination of the use of Shannon airport in this war for oil and for a firm and early date for the complete withdrawal of the US and European occupation forces. I look forward to the day a once excellent newspaper makes the same request. - Yours, etc.,

ROGER COLE, Peace and Neutrality Alliance, Co Dublin.