Hepatitis C treatment funding


Sir, – It is worrying that funding for the HSE’s hepatitis C programme has dried up (Paul Cullen, Front page, July 31st).

It initially seemed a good idea to separate hepatitis C from other illnesses, allocate specific funding, create a special programme for hepatitis C patients and give them special attention.

It was never envisaged by these hepatitis patients that the funding for them would be limited to a specific amount, regardless of the number of patients needing treatment, and that hepatitis C treatment would cease as soon as the financial ceiling was reached.

It looks like discrimination against a specific group of patients, many of whom suffer from hepatitis C as a result of addiction.

If it is acceptable for treatment to be curtailed for these patients, why is no specific financial limit applied to the treatment of lung cancer patients or heart disease patients or patients with diabetes?

The HSE needs to demonstrate that it treats all patients equally, and if a financial limit applies to one group of patients, all other patients should be subject to similar restrictions. – Yours, etc,



Co Meath.