Give us a break


Sir, – Over the last eight months (and long before), despite the many uncertainties and fears, we have seen so many employees diligently and commendably reporting for duty and serving us, the people, in public services like social protection and transport, in An Post and An Garda Síochána, in the newsagents and supermarkets, in the media and in many other essential services. In addition, we of course continue to see and to salute the extraordinary work and dedication of the staff of the HSE and of the emergency services and all those who are medically leading the fight against Covid-19.

The staff of schools also deserve tribute and commendation for getting our schools open, for keeping them open and for maintaining them as safe places to be.

The present hullabaloo over the call to give consideration to closing schools early for the Christmas break is unnecessary and has already descended into the tiresome rant about teachers and holidays. For those who indulge in this, perhaps their energy would be better spent on finding ways of acknowledging and commending the work of people in all other sectors rather than criticising suggestions for schools. It has been a difficult year for so many people and everyone deserves a break. – Yours, etc,


Deputy Principal,

Loreto Secondary School,


Co Wicklow.