Free antigen tests


Sir, – The Government decision not to even subsidise antigen tests is an absolute dereliction of duty. Even if it was the case that retailers have dropped the price of these tests as Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has alluded to, individuals and families on low incomes still could not afford to buy them.

Many are already struggling to make ends meet, particularly with the rising cost of living, energy and fuel prices.

As we have been advised to use these tests two or three times a week, even if the tests were €3 each it would mean that, for a family of five, it would cost €30-€45 per week, so out of reach for people on lower incomes or social welfare.

This decision further highlights how totally out of touch with reality this Government is.

If it was really serious about doing all it can to actively reduce the spread of Covid-19 it would be providing antigen tests free as part of its pandemic strategy.

– Yours, etc,