Extending voting rights


Sir, – Senator Niall Ó Donnghaille writes of his concern that the referendum on extending voting rights to the Irish diaspora for presidential elections is suffering from foot-dragging by the Government in setting a firm date for same (Letters, July 31st).

He also states that this delay is giving the people with a “negative” viewpoint on the topic free rein to express it in the interim.

Are we going to have a repeat of the Repeal the Eighth campaign whereby anybody daring to oppose or vote No was seen as an pariah?

The key word is “alternative”, and if that seen as “negativity”, then we are in for the same mess a neighbouring country got into when voting on another referendum which split their country.

No rush, Taoiseach, we have more serious pressing problems ahead in the short term. – Yours, etc,




Sir,– I have a sister living in Trinidad since she graduated from University College Galway many years ago. She, and her four adult children, have Irish passports.

None of these five people has any knowledge of, or interest in, voting in any elections in the Republic of Ireland.

My sister has a Seanad vote, but has never used it. I rest my case. – Is mise,



Dublin 4.