Enda Kenny’s political future


Sir, – The London media outlets gave wall-to-wall coverage to the anti-EU message for decades and they got their result last June with the vote for Brexit.

The American media outlets gave wall-to-wall coverage to Donald Trump during the election campaign and they got their result in his election last November.

The Irish media outlets gave wall-to-wall support to the Celtic Tiger governments resulting in their election three times in a row. The only problem was that, virtually unchallenged as they were, they bankrupted the country.

Now the Irish media outlets are cheerleading the return to power of many members of the same Celtic Tiger government that bankrupted the country and no doubt they will succeed.

My problem with all of this is that the most powerful institution in opinion formation in a democracy is not serving the citizens of our democracies well and that is an understatement.

The last couple of days are a good example of this.

There is wall-to-wall coverage of anti-Enda Kenny propaganda – complete with the ultimate in unflattering photos – hounding him out of office.

This is personal assault on a Taoiseach who led the government when the country recovered from its worst calamity since independence.

This example of the lowest in personality politics comes at a time when this country is facing the most serious problems since the collapse in 2010 due to Brexit and a possible Trump assault on our decades-long economic policy. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.

Sir, – The Taoiseach should hang in there, despite the recent woes. A week from now, he will have forgotten all about them. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.

Sir, – Would it be cynical or serendipitous if we were to find ourselves between taoisigh on St Patrick’s Day? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.

Sir, – Regarding the ongoing debate as to whether Enda Kenny should visit the White House on St Patrick’s Day, I am of the view that this should go ahead. After all, a meeting between one leader who makes it up as he goes along with another who recollects conversations that never happened should be fascinating! – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.