Electricity meters – a smart move?


Sir, – Given my age, it is almost certain that by the time the “smart meter” programme begins to run into the first of many implementation hurdles, I will be playing tic-tac-toe with my Maker. Nevertheless, your report on the programme left be slightly bemused ( “Every home and business to get smart electricity meter”, September 21st).

So in order to help me preserve my sanity for the remainder of my mortal time, can someone, somewhere, explain why, given all that has flowed under the bridge in recent times, would anyone entrust the Commission for Energy Regulation with the task of overseeing the project? – Yours, etc,



Co Sligo.

Sir, – I estimate the minimum cost per meter to be in excess of €500 and significantly greater for fairly remote rural connections. I also believe the current “standing charge” will have to be set at a higher price. Smart meters are inherently more complex and reguire a much more complex infrastructure than the functional electricity meters we have in situ. There are real issues with respect to data privacy and security – not to mention the emerging problem of hackers taking control over the operation of the system.

It is correct to state that smart meters will lower the economic costs of administration and billing, for the utility provider, but there will be few real savings in actual electricity usage.

I hope this is not another wheeze, like the Irish Water meter fiasco. It looks awfully like it. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.