Turbulent times for Ryanair


Sir, – Given Ryanair’s recent administrative blunder, it was entirely predictable that your letters page would be flooded with “Ryanair bashers”.

Giving out about Michael O’Leary and his airline is a national pastime. Yet it is a massive employer of staff and it transports millions of people around Europe at low cost. In most other countries, it would be cherished.

We have short memories. Does anyone remember when our so-called other “national airline” charged us a small fortune to go to the UK? I am going to the UK in January with my two sons and it will cost approximately €120 for all three of us. I would probably struggle to get a train to Galway for that. Let the bashers have their moment, just before they then sneak off to book their Ryanair flights for their next foreign holiday. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.

Sir, – I refer to the letter by Simon Ball (September 20th), which, at the time of writing, correctly stated our happy position. We had managed to book seats on the next Ryanair flight home on Saturday, and were relieved to be able to remain in our apartment for another two days. The weather was indeed 24 degrees and sunny, and we were looking forward to enjoying an extra couple of days enjoying the good life in Nice.

However, things don’t always work out as planned.

The temperature dropped, the sun disappeared, and Ryanair cancelled our rearranged return flight!

By now, the next available Ryanair flight was not for a further four days and things were not as rosy looking as before!

Having been cancelled twice by Ryanair, who could blame us for not trusting them any further?

We have now booked our flights home via London at considerable extra cost. We look forward a full refund from Ryanair and compensation for all of this inconvenience. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.