Eir billing system


Sir, – I have just read Conor Pope’s “Just when you thought Eir customer service couldn’t get any worse” (March 5th).

I empathise with Ann’s story. I was also a direct debit customer and had very similar circumstances with Eir.

After many overpayments taken from my account, eventually I received a closing statement from Eir showing that I was due a refund of €236. I continued to receive a statement for several months showing that I was owed €236, but no cheque was forthcoming. Then out of the blue I received a nasty letter from a debt collector demanding payment of €236, plus a €100 collection agency fee.

It seemed to me that Eir had no understanding of how debits and credits worked. If an amount appeared on a list, either owed to or owing by Eir, it just sent it for debt collection. How ridiculous is it that Eir threatened to sue me for money its records showed as owing to me.

Luckily I had kept all the correspondence, and eventually I got my cheque for €236. In more ways than one, I was left with an Eir of a lack of responsibility and accountability. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 15.