Dublin And Monaghan Bombings


Sir, - On May 17th, 1974, four bombs exploded in Dublin and Monaghan, killing 33 people and maiming over 250 others. The Dublin bombings, in particular, were responsible for killing and injuring people from throughout Ireland and, indeed, France and Italy. For almost 25 years we, families of the deceased and the wounded, have sought the simple truth about who murdered our loved ones and why.

For the past five years our campaign Justice for the Forgotten has steadily gathered momentum. With the 25th anniversary of the Dublin/Monaghan bombings imminent, we are writing in the hope of locating all of those wounded on the day and any family member who lost a loved one and who may wish to support our campaign to establish a tribunal of inquiry. There have been, and continue to be, important new developments which they may wish to learn about.

The Dublin/Monaghan bombings, let us remember, remain the biggest mass murder case in the history of the Irish State.

Those who wish to contact us should write to Justice for the Forgotten at the address below or telephone (01) 821 0493. - Yours, etc., Tim Grace,

On behalf of the relatives and wounded, Margaret Urwin, Secretary, Jusice for the Forgotten, PO Box 6790, Dublin 15.