Devotion to our four-legged friends


Sir, – It was a lovely letter by Tim Magennis (July 24th) on our affection for dogs.

It brings back a poignant memory. On a wet, windy, cold night in 1962 I met an elderly neighbour out walking his dog. This man was recovering from a serious operation and had spent a long time in hospital. I told him he should not be out in such dreadful weather. He laughed and said he was only going to the end of the road and he would be alright. He said the dog did not get much exercise when he was in hospital.

I continued on my way. The next morning the landlady of my digs told me my neighbour had died. He died peacefully in his sleep, she added. Yes, he had done his good deed. No greater love . . . – Yours, etc,


Delgany, Co Wicklow.