Dealing with drink

Sir,   – Further to your Editorial “Dealing with Drink” (August 2nd) and subsequent letter from Dr Michael Loftus (August 12th), maybe we should be more inclusive of “older people” when it comes to the consumption of alcohol.

Gone are the days when a woman of a certain age might enjoy an occasional glass of sherry – today it is more likely to be a full blown bottle of wine, in some cases more than three times a week!

Drunkeness in the older person maybe less obvious or threatening but we must ask ourselves is it the increase in alcohol consumption that is to blame for the super spare tyres that are appearing around the waistlines of the young and old alike? Mr Loftus writes about the drink industry’s targeting of the “young and impressionable” and the harm it is doing to society, but maybe we should include the “old and impressionable” to his theory? – Yours, etc,



Raglan Road, Dublin 4.