Cycling, greenways and safety


Sir, – Joan Swift questions whether the Government “gets” cycling (Letters, October 11th). I would further question whether our local authorities “get” cycling either.

I am fortunate to have the Great Western Greenway practically on my doorstep, but somewhat less fortunate to have to travel along, and across, a section of the busy N59 road to access it. That road is due to be rebuilt shortly as part of the Turlough-Westport N5 project, and I have asked local councillors and project engineers to include a safe crossing for accessing the greenway.

My requests have fallen on deaf ears, however, with various responses citing costs and planning constraints. When I further queried how a child would be expected to cross the busy new road to access the greenway, I was simply told that “an extra degree of vigilance is required.”

Eamon Ryan of the Green Party has been roundly mocked this week for suggesting people in rural Ireland could live without their cars. In rural Ireland, I’m being dismissed when asking for help to live a less car-dependent lifestyle. – Yours, etc,



Co Mayo.