Bus lanes and motorists


Sir, – Every morning while travelling to work in my car, I notice 24-hour bus lanes and restricted-time bus lanes being used by cars and trucks.

I never see a Garda presence on the busy routes policing the liberty-taking by non-bus and taxi-service providers.

What is the point of having designating lanes for the buses, taxis and cyclists to use and make a positive contribution to the environment when they are not doing the job they are designed for in the first place?

Why can’t the relevant authorities complete the jigsaw by stopping the liberty-taking to improve the efficiencies of the services that are needed?

If we really want to make an impact of reducing pollution, discourage car usage and provide an efficient transport service. Why is this situation allowed to continue?

It’s very frustrating for law-abiding drivers to sit in traffic jams and watch the minority of drivers drive illegally in a selfish manner on a continuous basis. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 16.