Come on, Arlene


Sir, – I wish to thank Arlene Foster most sincerely for showing real political leadership through her attendance at the recent Ulster GAA final at Clones on Sunday (, June 24th).

  As someone who grew up through the Troubles, and coming from a rural nationalist community in Co Down I can safely say her attendance at the GAA match between Donegal and her home county of Fermanagh is being seen by me and many people across Ireland  as a stepping stone to everyone living together on the island of Ireland while respecting everyone’s culture and heritage.

Her decision, I am sure, cannot have been an easy one to make from her own personal, religious, political and cultural background.

I also know she will face criticism.  But in the bigger picture, I believe her attendance has sent out the right message and I hope devolution is restored in the very near future. – Yours, etc,


Castlewellan, Co Down.

Sir, – The GAA invited Arlene Foster to attend a football match in which her county, Fermanagh, was involved and she accepted although, as she said, Gaelic games are not part of her culture.

Should the Orange Order now reciprocate and invite Michelle O’Neill to one of their celebrations on the Twelfth? Would she accept? Interesting. – Yours, etc,


Rathgar, Dublin 6.

A chara, – Arlene came, she stood, she watched the match! Please don’t take the good out of it! Maybe one day she will sit down again with Sinn Féin and maybe one day Fermanagh will win the Ulster Championship! – Is mise,